Hi I dunno if this is the right place to ask this ...
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Hi I dunno if this is the right place to ask this but I just wanted to know when can we expect WebView support for Compose? I know I can use
or Accompanist but I was wondering when is Compose going to have support for WebView
you can use Accompanist’s Web View library https://google.github.io/accompanist/web/
Yes, I know I can use, I was just wondering when is Compose going to provide support for WebView
Since accompanist does it, I doubt it's very high on their list.
^ The Accompanist libraries are “official” in that they are developed by the folks at Google. They’re usually put there for unstable APIs that they’re still working on which they intend to eventually move into the core Compose library (insets, FlowLayout, and ViewPager, for example). The APIs that get promoted to Compose core are typically supported on all Compose targets. It’s also where they keep artifacts that are more “extras”, especially ones tightly coupled to the Android system (such as theme adapters and navigation). WebView falls into this category, so I wouldn’t expect it to get promoted to the core Compose libraries. Not to mention, it would be a huge challenge to make it work on all targets, since some like Desktop, don’t have any good option for WebViews yet, let alone something that could be bridged to a common API.
As the current androidx web packages for regular View, I doubt that todays Webviews will ever be part of Foundation as Google usually done by porting from Accompanist into compose foundation. However pure Chrome Webview with Wasm and interop with pure compose rendering web pages I think they elaborate with. And in theory compatible with compose with Kotlin Wasm. No idea of actual plans. Would be smooth similar for supporting PDF, Markdown and such in similar way cross platform.
Thanks @Casey Brooks AND @Joel Denke for detail explanation