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🕸️ New Kobweb releases, get your new Kobweb releases. 🕸️ https://github.com/varabyte/kobweb/releases/tag/v0.13.6 https://github.com/varabyte/kobweb/releases/tag/v0.13.7 It's been a while, as I had a one week vacation last month. 0.13.6 introduces a Kotlin-typesafe Modifier API for CSS grids. CSS grids are very complex... This. Was. A. Nightmare. Still, my pain is your gain! Check out the release notes for 0.13.6 to learn more about it. 0.13.7 is just 0.13.6 but tweaked to support last week's 1.4.1 Compose Release. Enjoy!
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Nice, thank you! Finally I can get rid of my ugly grid hack :D