Hey y'all, I'm an Android developer with < 1 YO...
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Hey y'all, I'm an Android developer with < 1 YOE, currently working at a small-scale startup. I've been thinking about learning KMM; both, because I enjoy Kotlin, and also because it's a hot technology. However, I don't have any iOS dev experience or a macOS device. I might get a MacBook later (within a year or so) if it allows me to become a competent cross-platform mobile dev. Given the context, how sensible is it for me to get started with KMM right now? Or should I postpone learning it until I have a mac?
You can start building for Kotlin Multiplatform right now and use the JVM / Android target. Compose for iOS is still in alpha and if it turns into beta sometime next year you just add the Apple target. I assume the things you need to change for Apple are just minimal. You should have a shared module for platform-independent logic. To prevent you from accidentally using JVM-API in your cross plattform module I recommend you to add a Windows native target like here: https://github.com/Ashampoo/kim/blob/2b35aecd4a8611faf79e5a004af97c8ad5662508/build.gradle.kts#L132
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