Dariusz Kuc

12/18/2020, 4:08 AM
hello 👋 anyone knows whether it is possible to know which field we were trying to deserialize in
JsonDeserializer.getNullValue(ctxt: DeserializationContext)
? i.e. I wrote a custom deserializer ([…]main/kotlin/com/expediagroup/graphql/execution/OptionalInput.kt) to be able to distinguish between NO_VALUE and explicit NULL value for the field and while it works fine for the root fields, it does not work for nested fields. issue is that for nested fields
in the below will still point to a parent context which means my check succeeds even though there is no value specified
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override fun getNullValue(ctxt: DeserializationContext): OptionalInput<*> {
    return if (ctxt.parser.parsingContext.currentName != null) {
    } else {
Anyone knows whether there is a way to explicitly check whether the name in the parsing context matches the field name we are trying to deserialize? I was looking through parser and parsing context but nothing jumped out…. 😢
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