# library-development

Vladimir Vainer

10/09/2023, 7:19 AM
I have created a kmp library for ios / android. On IOS part it uses some swift-only library using cinterop. When i run: assembleXCFramework everything works. But when i try: publishToMavenLocal it complains that my swift library object in not found: unresolved reference: MySwiftObj What am i doing wrong?
I solved it by adding:
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metadata {
    compilations.matching {"ios") }.all {
        compileTaskProvider.configure { enabled = false }
And it published something. I'll have to check if that works. But right now i feel like i have no idea what i'm doing.
When i run app project on ios that uses my kmp library, i get linker error for the cinterop module.
Now my app project, that uses my kmp project can't find the symbols in the ios swift library. Is it because I disabled the metadata task? I need help