# library-development

Vladimir Vainer

10/10/2023, 8:04 AM
Can I have the following: 1. Create a KMP Library MyAwesomeSDK, which provides an interface to encode / decode / verify JWT (Needed for operation of my AwesomeSDK) 2. Create an iOS XCFramework library MyAwesomeIOSDeps, that implements this interface with the help of SwiftJWT. 3. Send my consumers the maven published KMP Library MyAwesomeSDK and MyAwesomeIOSDeps.xcframework 4. My Consumer will create an iOS Project / KMP App, add dependency on MyAwesomeSDK and MyAwesomeIOSDeps 5. My Consumer will init MyAwesomeSDK from swift or kotlin with:
import MyAwesomeSDK
import MyAwesomeIOSDeps
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