# kotest-contributors


10/19/2023, 9:21 PM
@sam arrow is moving runtime from kotest to kotlin-test to support experimental targets.. do you reckon this sounds like a gap in our coverage for kotest multiplatform?


10/20/2023, 2:21 AM
Sounds like it yeah
@simon.vergauwen anything we can do to help ?
I've just seen the tickets created on the arrow repo to move away from Kotest framework, and I think there's a desire to not use Kotest assertions (instead power mock vs shouldBe). That's a shame, I was really humbled that a framework as important as Arrow choose to use Kotest. Maybe in the future they might decide to move back.


10/20/2023, 7:00 AM
Hey @sam, Hey @mitch, In Arrow we're sticking to Kotest property testing, and assertions. We're only moving away from the compiler plugin since sadly the compiler is not stable enough for us in Arrow, since we want to also be able to build EAP/DEV version, in addition to experimental targets. It's not something we're excited about doing, and I tried to convey that in the issue messages and request for help. Arrow ❤️ Kotest. It's completely unrelated to Kotest, and which we've always been extremely happy with. I will also continue to advocate for Kotest everywhere. Supporting WASM, and other targets could be nice for Kotest, but that still wouldn't solve the issue of building Arrow with EAP/DEV versions.
I think there's a desire to not use Kotest assertions (instead power mock vs shouldBe)
I think you saw that in a personal repo of mine that is participating in #hacktoberfest, there I am only swapping out assertions to use power-assert and I'm going to continue using Kotest for everything else (runners, test-containers, etc and props). I just wanted to give power-assert a try, and I couldn't get it to work with Kotest assertions. Another compiler plugin is not a good option for Kotest unless they're more stable 😅 I think due to
Kotest assertions, and power-assert don't work together.

Alejandro Serrano.Mena

10/20/2023, 8:09 AM
just to add to Simon's comments,
is a very important piece in Arrow's testing, and this is not going away at any moment
the problem we're facing is that the Kotest Multiplatform Gradle plug-in is not working 100% in -dev versions of the compiler (but I reckon this is a weird use case we have). So after a few attempts, we decided to change the runner to
, which is explicitly supported in those versions too