# multiplatform

Bhargav Pandya

11/30/2023, 7:17 AM
Hi All, We want to create a separate repository for the Kotlin Multiplatform shared module in GitHub. If we make any changes to a shared module file within the Android or iOS projects (separate repositories), we want those changes to be reflected in the shared repository as well. How we can achieve this?" Scenario: Suppose we make changes to a shared module file within the Android project's '*branch_A_Android*' branch. we want these changes to be reflected in the shared repository's '*branch_A_Android*' branch. How can we effectively manage this scenario? Our preference is to maintain separate repositories for Android and iOS, with the shared repository seamlessly integrated as a module within each repository. Any available resources or documentation on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Also I think, for shared multipatform code, i can create a Kotlin Multiplatform library and integrate in Android and IOS Project. This approach is good or any other suggestions?

Jan Holešovský

11/30/2023, 12:58 PM
If you want to sort it out on the source code level, it sounds to me as if you are searching for git submodules? But in my experience, working with submodules is not straight-forward.
And you can have it as a library too of course; but then you always need to build the library first, and then the actual Android / iOS project. No idea myself if it's possible to set up some gradle trick to build it both in one go

Bhargav Pandya

11/30/2023, 4:41 PM
Thank You @Jan Holešovský , For Development Purpose i think first approach git submodules will be good. Let us try, if we can properly configured git submodules or not. Else We will go to Library approach