# compiler


12/06/2023, 4:44 PM
Hello guys. Trying to write my own K2 compiler plugin, but struggle with attaching it to my project. What do I do: trying to put an error on any
property (just for fun) Screenshot 1 – the structure of my project. Screenshot 2 – the old configuration which worked. But when doing like this, IDE do not see generated warnings on compile time, however it works well when I run the code. Screenshot 3 – how I am trying to get it work as gradle plugin Screenshot 4 – my subplugin code. isApplicable never got called. I checked that AutoService generates META-INF services. (gradle plugin itself just registers the extension) Some other info I need to provide?

Tóth István Zoltán

12/07/2023, 8:01 AM
Hi, Looking at your screenshots you use a quite different setup than I do. I used this one as a reference: Also, a complete, official FIR prototype:
I don't AutoService any more but add the service files manually.