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12/06/2023, 5:51 PM
A qucik update about kotlinx-metadata on a road to stable release: I've just released kotlinx-metadata-jvm 0.8.0. This release features several significant changes, described in the changelog and migration guide. I'd like to inform you that this state of the API we consider final, and this is how it will look like in the stable release (which we plan to have around Kotlin 2.0). So, please update to the latest version, and if you have any additional feedback on the kotlinx-metadata-jvm API, this is the best moment for sharing it. 0.8.0 release will also likely be last before next major changes, to emphasize that it is a part of core ecosystem like kotlin-stdlib and kotlin-reflect: • library will move to
package and
coordinates (TBD whether it will have compat artifact) • we will release it together with Kotlin and assign it the same version (just as with stdlib and reflect)
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