# fleet

Jacob Ras

12/06/2023, 6:25 PM
Tried Fleet today together with a colleague with an XCode project. Didn't know that was possible! Some things. • Build failed, turned out XCode toolchain was set to 14 and not 15 by default. Also the reason new simulator couldn't be configured in run.json file. • Continuous error about "Fleet couldn't auto-reload changes from build files". • Incremental build doesn't seem to work, or it's very slow. Is it supposed to work? Really cool though! And from me about some shortcuts in the IntelliJ map: • I use mousewheel-click to navigate deeper or find usages a lot. Doesn't work. Holding Ctrl + regular click works, but it takes a while for the underline to appear after pressing Ctrl. Too slow. • Alt-click to close other tabs doesn't work, closes the current tab. • Ctrl+N maps to New File instead of Navigate to Class (or Symbol) in IntelliJ. Quite annoying as I navigate a lot more than creating new files.

Mofe Ejegi

12/06/2023, 7:33 PM
+1000 for the mouse wheel click for navigation. It's been killing me for days now and I've been waiting for someone else to raise it up. Also, I find myself using Fleet and XCode interchangeably nowadays. Of course Fleet is poised to improve, but using it in isolation doesn't quite cut it for me yet.