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12/08/2023, 10:02 AM
We just had a 'hack day' at my work - and I'd just like to mention a couple of experiences... • First as a tech lead this was the first time in ages I got to code solidly 'morning 'til night' and it was a RUSH ❤️ Loved it. • Second; I used 'Code with me' with my team-mate for about 2/3 the entire time and it was *awesome*; love how deeply that integrates with the IDE. Big shout out to JB for 'Code with me', we gave it a special call out in the presentation and I'll be looking to trial it more frequently now for remote work scenarios. • Third; I based our hack project config in Amper and it made it really quick to set up! Granted it was a simple project and I still have misgivings about replacing Gradle with something Amper-like for our large projects; but for this, it justWorked™ The project was a JVM Desktop App with Compose for Desktop, to coordinate OpenAI, GitHub API's and local JGit/KGit usage to perform analyses on a PR and provide 'AI assistance' for larger code reviews; with a focus on helping human reviewers rather than replacing them.
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