# multiplatform

Aleksandr Davliatov

12/08/2023, 1:55 PM
Hi everyone! I am new to mobile development and KMM, maybe you could help in couple topics. 1. How to use deep links to external application in KMM Compose UI? e.g. tg://resolve?domain=XXX a. I believe that the solution works, but I like Precompose light-weight solution b. Should this part be a platform-specific component? 2. May I somehow follow link to the browser? a. I found this reply, but it is applicable to Desktop Apps only 3. Question, related to the 1. Maybe there is another approach, how can I login to the Telegram (I mean, with the power of mobile. I can always make it externally)? Telegram has iframe for js applications, but I doubt that would work in KMM. 4. I followed some Jetbrains tutorial to create a “cross-platform” Ktor HttpClient. But methods of Ktor (in
lib) are marked with
. The only option to make Http calls in
module I see is with the help of
Dispathcers.{IO, ..}
. Is this a preferred approach? a. Or should it be done with smth like this? Does it affect the sinle App entrypoint in the