# kotest-contributors


12/14/2023, 6:23 PM
Hello all, I am working on fixing a bug in the print behaviour of
as reported in the #kotest channel by me (link to thread ) I believe that I have found the root cause and have made the changes to the related file. My questions: 1. How do I run the Kotest tests (as in, what is the process I should go through to ensure that my changes have not regressed any existing tests) 2. How do I build and depend on a local version of Kotest (with the fix) so that I can check the changes in the project in which I originally found the issue? What I've tried: I've tried using running the tests in
using both the "current file" run method, and the gutter icons, in intellij. The gutter icons do not appear, and the current file method reports that the file cannot be run. I've tried looking in the
file to see instructions, but did not see any run or test instructions there. (Link to the CONTRIBUTING file ) I've tried explicitly asking Intellij to reload the build.gradle.kts file in the project that the changed file is in. This does not do anything. I've tried explicitly asking Intellij to build the project (CTRL+F9). This gives me the console message
, but does not appear to do anything.

Emil Kantis

12/15/2023, 9:56 PM
Re 1: Odd, gutter icons should be there, assuming you have the Kotest intellij plugin installed? What error do you get with the "current file" method? Re 2: You can build and deploy a snapshot version to your local maven repository (
). Assuming you want to try a change in a jvm project, do this in the kotest repo:
./gradlew publishJvmPublicationToMavenLocal
. The project where you want to use the local snapshot build must configure maven local as a repository, and you must specify the snapshot version (
if you build from current master)
Also I might be missing something for local testing, let us know if you run into issues