# getting-started

Ray Rahke

02/24/2024, 11:18 AM
Does anyone have any tips on making IntelliJ Code With Me faster? I have been attempting to use it with my students and it is unbelievably slow - I type in a character, and it takes multiple seconds sometimes for it to show effect on my own client, and often times gets reverted within a few hundred milliseconds as if I were playing a video game with 700 ping. Even moving around with my arrow keys has this extreme latency. It makes it almost impossible to use for teaching - I will go down three lines, begin typing to show my student something, and then my cursor teleports back up three lines leaving the code I had already typed beneath me... I don't think it is simply our wifi speeds as we can use vscode live share just fine.

Klitos Kyriacou

02/25/2024, 3:02 PM
It would be more appropriate to ask this question in #intellij. However, my thoughts are that you might be able to speed it up by using a local Code With Me server. I've never used Code With Me myself (except for a brief test) but I seem to remember reading that you can set up your own server, instead of using JetBrains servers which might be in another country.