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02/27/2024, 9:14 PM
I’ve just released version 1.4.0 of my KMP library called MaterialKolor ! MaterialKolor is a Compose Multiplatform port of Google’s material-color-utilities, with some added features. The core feature allows you to generate a full Material3 theme based on a seed color. It’s the biggest update since the creation of the library, it includes some new features: • Compose Multiplatform 1.6.0 • wasm target • Calculating a suitable UI color from an
• Harmonizing colors • Calculating contrast and UI viability between colors • Various extension functions that make dealing with the underlying
easier You can check out a very crude demo available at (one of my goals is to improve the demo website 😅).
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Garret Yoder

02/29/2024, 3:33 PM
I use this library in several projects and can absolutely +1 for it, its an invaluable tool!
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