# jewel

Harish Ramanbhai Patel

03/08/2024, 7:39 AM
After a week of trials and tribulations got Jewel to integrate into an IntelliJ Plugin (testing on MacOS). My problem was that I am new to plugin development as well and I am using this template to configure my project. It defaults IDE version to platformVersion = 2022.3.3 So, that was one of the root cause of this Exception for me.
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Caused by: java.lang.IllegalAccessException: no such constructor: org.jetbrains.jewel.bridge.SwingBridgeService.<init>(CoroutineScope)void/invokeSpecial
Once I aligned bridge versions and IDE version I was testing with to ij233, I don't get the Exception and can see UI correctly.
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platformVersion = 2023.3.4
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//    implementation(libs.jewel.bridge.ij232) { exclude(group = "org.jetbrains.kotlinx") }
    implementation(libs.jewel.bridge.ij233) { exclude(group = "org.jetbrains.kotlinx") }
//    implementation(libs.jewel.bridge.ij241) { exclude(group = "org.jetbrains.kotlinx") }
So, would I be able to support all three of the bridge / IDE version combinations when I publish? Or I can only release plugin for only one IDE version?