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Vivien Mahé

03/08/2024, 10:41 AM
Hey guys 👋 Following my previous article, I've just published a new one about publishing a Kotlin Multiplatform BoM (Bill of Materials) on Maven Central with Github Actions. If you are creating and managing your own libraries, you might have faced dependency version conflicts (ie. "dependency hell"). Using a BoM solves that by centralizing your dependencies. I hope it helps. Let me know what you guys think 🙂
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Michael Paus

03/08/2024, 4:47 PM
But it’s not called “Billing of Materials” like in the title 🧐😇

Vivien Mahé

03/08/2024, 4:48 PM
Oh my 😱 I don't know how that happened 🙈 Thank you for spotting it!