# multiplatform

Yan Pujante

03/20/2024, 3:03 PM
I have been "playing" with multiplatform (desktop + web) and wanted to share a few comments. The screenshot shows the 2 versions. • with Chrome allowing to turn any page into its own application (including dock icon), the distinction between the 2 versions becomes very thin (except for the fact that Chrome does not seem to allow for a smaller size than what I have in the screenshot) • I wanted to give kudos to the wasm/web version for supporting hi-res/retina/4k straight out of the box. This is not trivial (and I know what I am talking about as I have spent months fixing this issue with other wasm implementations like emscripten/glfw...) • I am using the experimental multiplatform resources loader to load a sound file (using the
API) • There are definitely issues with the wasm implementation (for example in the screenshot, the square should not be highlighted since the mouse is not on it). Opening the app in Android/Firefox does not allow to edit text fields... I know it is in beta stage. And it is totally fine for my own purposes/demo as I can run my application on any computer without having to install it • The size of the desktop app is humongous (over 109MB) and I know it bundles the java sdk with it... which makes the web version far more attractive too (~24MB) • The generated wasm code has 2 files: skiko.wasm and e8a42516ed7440038c2b.wasm which are both loaded and identical so it looks like one of them could be removed which would reduced the size by 8Mb In case you want to test the wasm implementation here is the link
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