# multiplatform

Alex Acosta

03/20/2024, 6:23 PM
Hi, related to having resources in
and share these between JVM (Android) & native (iOS & mac). It is working for Android, I am getting in native (iOS)
Couldn't get path of demo/index.html (parsed as: demo/index.html)
Is there a default way to let native access these resources? I tried setting src dirs inside
, I really don't want to use moko resources
I am also getting this warning but I don't know how to fix but I think it is related:
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Path [/Users/seacosta/Dev/Web/Valkyrie/sharedValkyrie/src/commonMain/resources] of module [Valkyrie.sharedValkyrie.commonMain] was removed from modules [Valkyrie.sharedValkyrie.nativeMain, Valkyrie.sharedValkyrie.main]" Also 6 more paths were deduplicated. See idea log for details