# ktor

Arjan van Wieringen

03/31/2024, 8:52 AM
Hi everyone, I am investigating the existence of Ktor web application frameworks. Although the 'status quo' for newer applications is a SPA frontend, my experience in my work has been that opinionated 'classical' frameworks like Symfony, Laraval, Ruby on Rails, Elixir etc have a lot of merits. Not in the least because of the reduced complexity. With the popularization of tiny JS libraries like HTMX, or the excellent Hotwire stack (Turbo, Stimulus) for adding just enough reactivity to server-side-rendered (you know, ye olde way) applications I was hoping to find something in that area based on Ktor. But I am unable to find it.... At the moment I am developing my own simple set of tools for integrating import maps, Tailwind, HTMX and/or Hotwire into Ktor but I'd rather latch on some existing framework.


04/09/2024, 5:08 AM
What kind of features are you looking for exactly?