is there a way to parse the iso 8601 week day form...
# kotlinx-datetime
is there a way to parse the iso 8601 week day format - i.e. can I want to parse a string such as
Not at the moment, but we are open to adding this.
We'd like to collect the use cases first, though: is this format just mandated by something your program interacts with, or do you want to somehow use the ISO week number?
The use case is a system for work shifts where everyone thinks in terms of weeks, including the external party that integrated with - ironically enough they calculate at 00:00 on the Monday of the given week rather than give the week-number, so they do a lot of roundabout calculations, where I'd (if possible) want to lean on standards
one thing that's particular interesting imo is the one without the day, so e.g.
, which could be considered a period (from Monday-Sunday/Sunday-Saturday, depending on the locale). But translating it into a period looses the semantic meaning of weeks
ISO week-based-year has a strange property: the year boundaries are adjusted so that every year consists only of whole weeks. Example: Do you actually want this behavior?
@Rohde Fischer, any updates on this?