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Aaron Waller

08/02/2022, 1:54 PM
Why is my snackbar always calling Dismissed but never ActionPerformed?
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scope.launch {
                        val snackbarResult = scaffoldState.snackbarHostState.showSnackbar(
                            "Grant permission to modify device audio",
                            actionLabel = "Settings"
                        when (snackbarResult) {
                            SnackbarResult.Dismissed -> Log.d("SnackbarDemo", "Dismissed")
                            SnackbarResult.ActionPerformed -> Log.d("SnackbarDemo", "Snackbar's button clicked")
I want to launch an Intent on the “Settings” label click but it calls Dismissed when I click the label of the SnackBar. What am I doing wrong? When is it calling ActionPerformed?