# koin

Vasyl Dizhak

08/07/2022, 8:50 AM
Hey folks, I’m getting started with koin and ktor and have some difficulties with the initial setup as I practically can’t make it working with tests to inject different implementation there.
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fun Application.webModule(koinModules: List<org.koin.core.module.Module> = listOf(applicationModule)) {

    install(Koin) {
        printLogger(level = <http://Level.INFO|Level.INFO>)
    val tracksController: TracksControllerInterface by inject()

In the tests I create the mock that I inject
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private val tracksController = mockk<TracksController>()

    private val testModule = module {
        single<TracksControllerInterface> { tracksController }

    fun `GET tracks returns list of available tracks`() = testApplication {
        application {
            webModule(koinModules = listOf(testModule))
But I keep getting issue that Koin plugin was already installed
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Please make sure that you use unique name for the plugin and don't install it twice. Conflicting application plugin is already installed with the same key as `Koin`
I understand that
actually does that, but not sure what is the best way to hook into it and make it working. Many thanks for suggestions, links or articles.