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# github-workflows-kt
https://github.com/mi-kas/kover-report/pull/18 Getting another one in! I wonder if we should a an action to quickly add an action. I mean, without having to clone and add the code to the repo This way listing actions would be quicker. What do you think?
Thanks @LeoColman! Do you mean we should have a tool to speed up adding typings to actions? If yes, I've been thinking about it for a while now, but due to limited resources I didn't start working on it. I also have other priorities regarding the DSL lib now, like fixing the issue with anchors and adding missing core freautrs... Anyway, I imagine having a simple Web app that would first ask for action's coordinates, then would fetch its metadata (info about inputs and outputs) and then would allow setting a type for each. Finally, it would allow creating PRs both in the action's repo and maybe also in github-actions-kotlin-dsl repo (until the action owner accepts the PR). If it isn't what you meant, could you please elaborate? 😄
the wrapper for this action are going to be released this Friday! 🎉
@LeoColman do you have capacity to ask some more action owners to introduce the typings? You do a great job with it
I usually do it for actions that I use/will use/will need in the future. Usually driven by this motivation
Do you have a 'list' of actions that would be important to introduce typings?
I can poke some of them
In theory, all actions currently added to our DSL lib, and in practice I'd eliminate GitHub's first-party actions, and I'd order the rest starting from most complex typings currently stored in the DSL lib. Do you want me to prepare e. g. a list of 5 actions following this reasoning?