A few weeks ago, we presented our approach to Full...
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A few weeks ago, we presented our approach to Full Stack Kotlin at the virtual kotlin user group. In it we demo a Fritz2 based example application which features an in house wrapper to do localization of the UI using Mozilla's fluent-js. As promised during the presentation, we now open sourced our Kotlin adapter for this. It works great with Fritz2 of course. But you may also be able to use it with other reactive web frameworks. The translations are represented as flows that update as you load different fluent files with translations. You can find the project here: https://github.com/formation-res/fluent-kotlin We'd be interested in any feedback. We think this is a great way to do localization with Fritz2. If you missed the presentation, you can find it here:


I'll also be presenting this at KKON next week. https://rheinwerk-kkon.de/programm/
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I’m wondering why do you use
in your demo project? Do you do the same in the main project? Have you tried
? In 1.7.20 it should be much better.
Very cool! Are there plans for Kotlin Native?
Thanks, for the feedback. I think that setting came out of some issues we had at some point with kotlin-js. Might actually no longer be valid. Using kotlin-js and fritz2 in the past year and a half has been a wild ride of compiler updates, bugs, and workarounds for all sorts of issues.