# fritz2

Don Kittle

02/14/2023, 2:17 PM
Hey Fritz folks, any suggestions on how to resolve possible KSP issues? I'm having a couple of problems. One, calling handlers directly (outside of a render) doesn't seem to work. As well, some of the code samples (like passing a parameter to a Handler<String>) doesn't compile. I'm on an M2 MB Air running Ventura. I'm using Kotlin 1.8.0 and KSP 1.8.10-1.0.9

Jilles van Gurp

02/15/2023, 3:41 PM
If you want to use KSP, it's easiest to match the versions with whatever the frizt2 plugin was built against. That's a limitation of ksp. No way around it other than forking and updating dependencies manually on your fork. We got rid of using ksp completely for this reason and just manually construct our lenses. This allows us to update freely without having to worry about ksp breaking.
As for handlers, they are just functions. So you you should be able to call them from wherever. We use koin to initalize our stores and a lot of those have init blocks that cause stores to update from each other in reaction to changes.
just updated to kotlin 1.8.10 if you need some example code