Hey guys good morning. i am trying to publish a KM...
# multiplatform
Hey guys good morning. i am trying to publish a KMM library to maven central i hape followed this article https://dev.to/kotlin/how-to-build-and-publish-a-kotlin-multiplatform-library-going-public-4a8k but the publishment is always failing i am getting the error in the screenshot attached below.
Is your Sonatype/MavenCentral account older than 2021?
+1 to Louis comment. Something else to investigate is the mixed-case
groupId. This is relatively unusual maybe Sonatype expects something all lower case
@mbonnin i will try to change it to all lowercase and i will leave you a feedback. thanks for helping i appreciate it
@louiscad the Sonartype account is new i just made it this month but i don't have a MavenCentral account since they didn't specify that i need a Meven account to publish a library in the article. thanks for helping