Bit of a nit pick, but how do I set the applicatio...
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Bit of a nit pick, but how do I set the application icon for my app? The window name in gnome is also 'pkg-name-for-app-MainKt'. I get the java dude, whose name I've forgotten:
extra info: The .desktop file has all the correct information in, and the launcher shows the correct icon (when you hit the super key and get to type in an app you want to run)
Figured out the app icon situation - the ComposeWindow which is just a JFrame exposes the iconImage property ✔️
the window title is set correctly, but the application name is incorrect in the gnome taskbar. 🐧 intensifies
with regards to the application name, I tried using X11 via JNI to use XSetClassHint, didn't do diddly 😕, so think I'm boned on that front for now! Any advice welcomed
that's the fella
he always reminded me of the lost viking that could glide with his shield from the snes game ... lost vikings
haha! It's impressive to me that the Java fella still looks like he's from the 90s. Maybe it's intentional so people feel inclined to replace him with their own icon
I am just wondering. Did you already try the official way described in the documentation by adding this to your gradle build file?
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compose.desktop {
    application {
        nativeDistributions {
            linux {
I did not Michael!!! I'll give that a go
wait, I think that just sets it for the .desktop file
which means on a WM like Gnome, ALT+Tab results in Duke giving you a cheeky wave