Hi, I’ve created my first Kotlin native program! B...
# kotlin-native
Hi, I’ve created my first Kotlin native program! Basically a copy paste from an example in Jetbrains getting started docs. I can execute it from the terminal on the machine I compiled it on, but my colleague could not execute the executable. Apparently I am not a verified developer. 🤷‍♂️ My guess is that something needs to be signed with something. But I’m not entirely sure what to Google for and haven’t found the solution yet. So, any help is appreciated. The build tool I’m using is Gradle (kts flavor) and the only target is macOS.
But to avoid needing to do that, you need to sign the app as well as notarize it
Welcome to the world of MacOS 😄
IIRC in recent MacOS versions on M1 at least; even selecting 'App Store and identified developers' isn't enough - notarising has become a hard requirement for distribution, with no known workarounds(?)
...I've got it on my CI/CD to-do list as well!
You can also open the app by right-clicking it and holding Shift when clicking on
from the context menu