Dear Kotlin-native lovers, I am the manager of th...
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Dear Kotlin-native lovers, I am the manager of the self-publishing house. We are connected mainly with Kotlin. Our expert on this topic is Marcin Moskała. You could probably know him from conferences, workshops, and books: Kotlin Coroutines, Effective Kotlin, and Android Development with Kotlin. He is currently working on the book series Kotlin for Developers. It will contain 3 books: 1. Kotlin Essentials (in reviewing process) 2. Functional Kotlin (finished) 3. Advanced Kotlin (in draft) In the previous book - Functional Kotlin, Marcin decided to add a special chapter concerning the Arrow topic. The cooperation was really awesome. You are the experts on Kotlin/Native during many conferences and publications that is why we would like to encourage you to write a special chapter that will be published in Advanced Kotlin book about January 2023. What do you think? If you are interested let me know, please here in DM or contact via Regards:)
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