So, in an effort to stay well-rounded and relevant...
# http4k
So, in an effort to stay well-rounded and relevant to the wider, stuck-in-its-ways java community, I'm considering re-learning Spring. For context, I last used it about 4 years ago, and have never looked back, until now. I've been considering whether I can have my cake and eat it too; build an http4k app and inject it into the spring bootstrapper as a servlet. But at that point, when http4k, http4k-connect, and Kotlin in general, already gives me almost everything I could ever need in an app, what's even the point of trying to fit both together? Is the only point in re-learning Spring to help guide others away from it?
I think this is a super interesting topic. I think a lot of people are not aware that there's much more to Kotlin than added nullability to their favourite spring methods. People are so used to it that they're rather spring developers than Kotlin developers. I feel like it's a mix of moving to Kotlin, but keeping the Java mindset and framework. I see so many beans that could've been just a function.