I haven't used Spring in ~seven years. I understan...
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I haven't used Spring in ~seven years. I understand people's temptation to continue using Spring when they move to Kotlin, but to me, that's just a missed opportunity to do things better.
Tangential, but related to your last comment: when I ask people why they would keep using Spring when upgrading to Kotlin, they usually answer with something like "Spring supports Kotlin!", They're missing the point, but this isn't meant to be a bash on Spring or those complacent with it. What you say makes sense: there's little point of mixing http4k and Spring together unless the intention is to migrate an app too large or monolithic to do it at once.
“Spring supports kotlin” will result in a spring codebase and not so much an idiomatic kotlin codebase.
A big part of why people keep using spring is simply put: the amount of code that exists, along with SO Q&A. That alone is a big pro that very few frameworks/libraries can boast of. In no way am I endorsing spring. I haven’t used it in any form over the years, and honestly don’t see the need for it. But that is in the bubble of having developers that are very experienced and existing code that does things without lots of frameworks. Just remember that frameworks are tools, not a cult. If spring solves your problem, then that’s the answer. If http4k does, then that’s the answer.