I don't know if this fits this channel more or get...
# kotlin-native
I don't know if this fits this channel more or getting-started... I'm making a Raylib game framework binding to Kotlin Native and I'm trying to do a small Bunnymark benchmark to see how many bunnies (textures) can be spawned until the game hits 30FPS. Currently I'm hitting about 12.6k bunnies at 30/29fps (which is considerably lower than most languages e.g. Go hit 355500) and I'm unsure if there's anyway I can optimise the collections in native to squeeze all the juice possible? https://gist.github.com/Its-Kenta/5a42cb025281f252c87a987a184b69c7 any tips or code snippets on how to improve this would help me out a little.
Most of Kotlin Native's performance is focused on Mobile/Apple platforms. There are some other widely used platforms that need to receive much greater performance focus (*Linux*/*Embedded Linux* especially). Gaming platforms aren't considered a high priority for Kotlin Native.
Ah. That’s a massive shame.
Thanks for letting me know.
Maybe a cold comfort but I'm not sure it's fair to say K/N has received any performance optimisation at all yet, even on Mobile platforms. Late focus has been only on correctness of memory management and compiler infrastructure to support Multiplatform and upcoming K2, as far as I know. This means we might, at least, still expect to see some optimisations that benefit all Native platforms when performance does become the focus.