Hi, I am looking for a new macbook pro for Android...
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Hi, I am looking for a new macbook pro for Android development and I would like to know some experiences with 2018 model with 8GB RAM. I have 2015 model with 8GB and its definitely too little for Android development (Android Studio, Emulator, Chrome :D). But maybe newer macbooks have faster swaping, etc.?
I wouldn’t buy any computer with 8GB for development
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we have one 2018 Macbook 15" with 8GB, it’s really bad experience, already ordered replacement for it
From my experience, 16GB is a bare minimum for android dev. Even with 16GB, some memory will be compressed.
16GB is a bad experience with larger projects
I wouldn't buy a Mac in general unless you have to mess with iOS development. Their OS is so weird. Not a golden standard anymore
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Butterfly Keyboard still have problem like dirt may get on it.
it’s true, have problems now with keyboard on 15-inch 2018 macbook, replaced my 2017 macbook also because keyboard was broken (lost 2 keys) So I wouldn’t buy it for my own money
OS is not weird, like any other OS
I have mid 2012 MacBook Pro with those kinds of keyboard
Macbook Pro 2012 has completely different keyboard
Macbooks before 2016 had nice keyboard, no single issue for years, with 2017-2018, already 3 broken keybaords only in my team
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