:mega: Small poll on conference apps :one: I’d use...
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📣 Small poll on conference apps 1️⃣ I’d use conference app if there were one 2️⃣ I don’t need conference app, better have timetable on every corner 3️⃣ iOS 4️⃣ Android 5️⃣ I need sessions schedule and bookmarks 6️⃣ I need to take notes 7️⃣ I need to save contacts 8️⃣ I need something else (comment in a thread) (choose whatever applies)
3️⃣ 6
6️⃣ 2
8️⃣ 1
2️⃣ 3
5️⃣ 18
4️⃣ 32
1️⃣ 28
I'd appreciate a map of conference rooms I can zoom in on as well. Saying something is in the "Monarch Room" or whatever doesn't help me, it's more helpful to see where it is physically.
There are some open source conference apps..I know one of the droidcons in Europe had one in kotlin but that doesn't help iOS users 😂
One other thing is, make sure you have network coverage...at droidcon Boston, the venue blocked almost all cell phone signals... We had to make the app offline a few weeks before the conference and there were so many hacks to get that to work.. It was embarrassing 😛