```class MyObject(private val a: Int, private val ...
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class MyObject(private val a: Int, private val b: Double) {
	constructor(str: String) : this(parse(str))
	companion object {
		private fun parse(str: String): ???
Is there anything that would allow this to work? Currently I have to create 2 parse functions, one to get the first and another for the second value I need.
A better option here is to get rid of the secondary constructor completely
And just have a free function instead
If you really want it to be invoked like a constructor then you could write it as an operator invoke of the companion object
Basically change parse to operator invoke and have it return MyObject
you can also name a function the same as the object, e.g.
fun MyObject(...)
. this is what stdlib does for
and a few others
I never tried this but it looks like I can omit the primary constructor and just have 2 that do exactly what I need