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12/10/2020, 3:56 PM
idea seems to not find source jars for ktor jars. when i click on a stacktrace line thats from a ktor jar i see decompiled code instead of the ktor source.
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its probably not ktor related, , i can go to the class with go to class.
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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid authScheme value: it should be token
	at io.ktor.http.auth.HttpAuthHeader.<init>(HttpAuthHeader.kt:56) ~[ktor-http-jvm-1.4.3.jar:1.4.3]
	at io.ktor.http.auth.HttpAuthHeader.<init>(HttpAuthHeader.kt:54) ~[ktor-http-jvm-1.4.3.jar:1.4.3]
	at io.ktor.http.auth.HttpAuthHeader$Single.<init>(HttpAuthHeader.kt:63) ~[ktor-http-jvm-1.4.3.jar:1.4.3]
	at io.ktor.http.auth.HttpAuthHeaderKt.parseAuthorizationHeader(HttpAuthHeader.kt:36) ~[ktor-http-jvm-1.4.3.jar:1.4.3]
all the lines in this stack trace refer to the same jar file. i can go to the source for the first 3 lines, and the 4th line shows only a class file