I’m trying to use JWT authentication for a REST AP...
# ktor
I’m trying to use JWT authentication for a REST API. I have the verifier running but I can’t get at the things I’d like to in the token, for example the scopes. If I look in the debugger I can see that the Payload is actually an Auth0 PayloadImpl. The Impl has a ‘tree’ property that has the data I need but this isn’t a public class so I can’t cast to it. Am I missing something, is there a way to get at the scopes for example?
isn't the "scope" just in the claims?
should work if I'm remembering this right
being a
from auth0's lib
The claims are empty, as is the subject
well looking at the PayloadImpl class, the claims are loaded from 'tree' so that's weird
this is what I do:
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val Payload.scopes get() = this.getClaim("scope").asString().split(" ")

fun Payload.hasRequiredScope(scope: String) = this.scopes.contains(scope)
Thanks for you help guys. Turns out I was looking at the wrong thing or being an idiot or probably both. The claims are indeed there on the payload