Hello :wave: Is this a known issue with latest ve...
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Hello 👋 Is this a known issue with latest version of Toolbox? (OSX Big Sur) It’s not reacting to any clicks. I’ve tried quitting and even a machine restart. Still seems to happen 🤷
I'm about to find out!
I don’t think it happened immediately after updating, seemed fine for a day or so.
Lol, well my toolbox seems to have crashed during the update as it's no longer on my system.
Same thing happened to me. I killed the app and restarted and it seems to work (for now) I think for me it broke after connecting/disconnecting an external monitor? The UI usually gets wonky after that but quickly gets back to normal, maybe something went wrong this time
I see there are plenty of similar issues reported now at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/TBX
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