Just downloaded the Mac M1 version of IDEA CE, it ...
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Just downloaded the Mac M1 version of IDEA CE, it installs fine but it doesn't start. When I try to run it from command-line I can see:
NSLocalizedDescription=The bundle "OpenJDK 11.0.12" couldn't be loaded because it doesn't contain a version for the current architecture.}
2021-11-06 134138.760 idea[2292:43635] Retrying as x86_64... arch: posix_spawnp: ./IntelliJ IDEA CE.app/Contents/MacOS/idea: Bad CPU type in executable It seems that • either it comes with an Intel JDK (when I thought it would come with a M1 Native JDK). • somehow I downloaded the Intel version of IDEA (but then the install should also have failed ?) Any tips from others ? P.S I did install a JDK 11 Azul native JDK, but IDEA still tries to use the bundled JDK
Figured it out, actually the main IntelliJ download page is wrong and offers the same (Intel) installer for both Intel and ARM Mac downloads 😞 If someone from JetBrains monitors this channel, could you please fix this bug? Workaround: if you go to https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/other.html instead, you can download the correct file.
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how annoying is m1 development at this point in the timeline? i was once an early java mac adopter https://github.com/jnorthrup/teraform-mvn/blob/fc9b36d757e5c2577c341654c102bc89bb27b00d/terraform_mvn.sh#L45
I cant reproduce it, both links (ce and ultimate) results into arm versions.
Perhaps we are looking at a different page? This is from the page https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/ if you go down to the bottom and select MacOs Apple SiIicon from the dropdown. These are the 2 HTML links from that download page and as you can see identical: https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/download-thanks.html?platform=mac&code=IIC https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/download-thanks.html?platform=mac&code=IIC
@jimn just started today, so bit too early to tell. But will post a small writeup after I have transferred some of my projects and worked on them for a few days.
@Peter Yeah, you are right. If you click on the download button on the upper right you get the correct download page 😄
Thank you, I have reported a (private) issue, probably we will fix this soon.
👍great, thanks