I'm trying to display code coverage in IntelliJ, b...
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I'm trying to display code coverage in IntelliJ, but getting a failed build once clicking "_Recompile_" in "_Project Is out of Date_" prompt:
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Kotlin: skipping /home/piotr/.gradle/caches/modules-2/files-2.1/org.jetbrains.kotlin/kotlin-stdlib-js/1.5.30/3b3f74ca387accb26dd20c274dcb354efdb6c9d9/kotlin-stdlib-js-1.5.30.jar. Incompatible abi version. The current default is '1.4.2', found '1.5.0'. The library produced by 1.5.30-dev-2862 compiler
Any idea where does the "current default" which is 1.4.2 come from? I'm trying to do it for a JVM Gradle module which depends on a multiplatform module. I ensured that the multiplatform one has the same version of Kotlin and kotlinx libraries, so I don't understand where the 1.4.2 ABI version comes from.
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The message is coming from Kotlin IR compiler. I'm not sure why it happens. Please check that you're using Kotlin 1.5.30 Gradle and IDEA plugins.
IDEA plugin version says "bundled"
it's weird because I saw IDEA prompting me about installing a new version of the Kotlin plugin. Can I somehow remove the bundled version and install a version that matches Kotlin version? it's a bit confusing
Make sure you're using the latest stable IDEA 2021.2.1. You can install a plugin manually from https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6954-kotlin/versions/stable/133985 ("install from disk" action) or update in "File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Kotlin"
thanks, manually updating Kotlin plugin to 212-1.5.30-release-409-IJ4638.7 solved the issue 🚀
unfortunately the issue is back even on the newest Kotlin version. I found a relevant bug: Kotlin/JS: JPS build may still be called with KLib in project dependencies : KTIJ-15947