I'm sorry for asking here, but I have literally no...
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I'm sorry for asking here, but I have literally no idea where to. The Grazie plugin/IDEA grammar check/LanguageTool doesn't seem to work at all. I have most grammar rules enabled (in fact, more than there are by default) and I do have the grammar inspection turned on as well. The inspection is set to
and I can see actual typos as well using that, so that is probably not the problem. The IDEA installation is pretty fresh, I installed it a couple of days ago, I don't recall it working before on this installation (though I'm sure it did on all/most of the previous ones)
Actually I think it works a bit, but the weird thing is that it doesn't seem to report any kinds of problems when the whole text is utter nonsense, weird. I presume on the LanguageTool website, it would basically underline the whole text
you could file an issue with an example of what you are seeing vs what you are expecting. In my experience the grazie plugin acts a bit random sometimes and it should be fixed.