Our Maven + Java + Kotlin project has gotten even ...
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Our Maven + Java + Kotlin project has gotten even slower in 2019.2. It takes about 5 seconds for the error highlighter to refresh even in small files. Isn't IntelliJ itself a mix of Java and Kotlin? I guess it could be the Maven part that JetBrains is just refusing to optimize for.
IJ seems to be getting slower in my Gradle projects as well. Really hoping they start to address this issue soon.
I see, well at least then it impacts their target audience as well and not just us maven dinosaurs.
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I promise, you’re not alone 🙂
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It got a lot worse. I noticed two big factors that slow it down. 1) a lot of IDE warnings, and recent versions show a lot more 2) a Kotlin port of a large java file is way slower. Almost unusable.
These regressions should be reported on kotl.in/issue
Please report the problems as described in https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207241235 You can create a bugreport in Kotlin project - like Louis wrote above. If we find it's IDEA problem, we'll move it to IDEA.
@louiscad This is not a regression. This is a continuous degradation of already abysmal performance of java/kotlin hybrid projects. Isn't Kotlin supposed to be tool-friendly? @sashache I can't give out any specific information about the project because of company policy. What does the performance snapshot contain exactly?
@poohbar A continuous degradation is still a synonym of regression, even if not regression exactly as in "there was no bug here, then a bug appeared or reappeared in a new version".
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Basically a snapshot contains metrics related not to user classes, but to the IDE/plugin classes: how much memory objects of different types occupy (for memory snapshot), or how much CPU time different methods take (for CPU snapshots). If one measured the work of his own running application, then the snapshot would contain the information about his application. But since we measure the work of IDE, only IDE (or IDE plugins) classes are in the snapshot. So no user classes. The snapshot is made by YourKit:
: you can make one, download YourKit profiler, open the snapshot and check what is shown.