Ever since upgrading the Kotlin plugin to `1.3.40`...
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Ever since upgrading the Kotlin plugin to
, my IDE complains about
One of the tpe variables was implcitly inferred to Nothing. Please, specify type arguments explicitly to hide this warning
for the following (abridged) example:
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runBlocking { throw Exception('Nope.') }
When complying with the message, and changing to
runBlocking<Nothing> {}
the IDE suggests
Remove explicit type arguments
and the type parameter is "greyed out" as usual for redundant generics. Where should I post the bug? IDEA YouTrack? Kotlin GitHub?
youtrack in the kotlin category
Thank you!
Probably the same as https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-32089 (see also duplicate issues). We want to hotfix this in the next release.