my project stopped building and any Kotlin keyword...
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my project stopped building and any Kotlin keyword appears as an unresolved reference. Apparently I did nothing. Restarted with no success. I feel like Kotlin support disappeared; how can I check that?
suppose you could check to see if the plugin is enabled/installed
you should probably also make sure you have a valid kotlin runtime specified in your build file if you have one
not a gradle project. I'll check the plugin
this is installed.
You can always try the old standby
File > Invalidate Caches / Restart
and see if that does the trick.
I also tried that in vain. Now it looks like the project didn't use Kotlin SDK but a Java one. All of a sudden. Put Kotlin back again, now complaining (less) like this: ErrorK Supertypes of the following classes cannot be resolved. Please make sure you have the required dependencies in the classpath: class kotlin.Pair, unresolved supertypes:
This IDE drives me nuts sometimes. I guess it depends with the remote git settings repository, it got mad after I sync'd it
are you tracking the
directory in your repo?
that's my hell. I never know what to track and whatnot. I'm ignoring this:
# User-specific configurations .idea/caches/ .idea/libraries/ .idea/shelf/ .idea/workspace.xml .idea/tasks.xml .idea/.name .idea/compiler.xml .idea/copyright/profiles_settings.xml .idea/encodings.xml .idea/misc.xml .idea/modules.xml .idea/scopes/scope_settings.xml .idea/dictionaries .idea/vcs.xml .idea/jsLibraryMappings.xml .idea/datasources.xml .idea/dataSources.ids .idea/sqlDataSources.xml .idea/dynamic.xml .idea/uiDesigner.xml .idea/assetWizardSettings.xml
Look in the log and see what changed?
didn't even know that there were logs to check 🤦 gonna search'em.
I'm lost. I'll try to reimport the whole project.
I meant the git/vcs Log
There was nothing significant there.
But admittedly I changed the .gitignore file often during the process trying to balance between what could be needed and what was a waste of time committing with message logs like "moar intellij random .idea stuff" lulz.
I made in the end. Created a new project and moved the src folder in it. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks for your time everybody!