hey, i have written a little android example app (...
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hey, i have written a little android example app (my first one ever ­čśä) with jetpack-compose. since i need to use a blocking client to fetch my data to fulfill my use-case i am wondering how to do that. what i tried is to just call my client in a suspend function / coroutine and make the data available to my composables via a viewModel like this:
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class StargazerViewModel : ViewModel() {

    private var _users: MutableLiveData<List<User>> = MutableLiveData(emptyList())
    val users: LiveData<List<User>> = _users

    fun updateUsers() {
        viewModelScope.launch {
            // _users.postValue(dummyData) // when using valid dummy data here the app works as aspected

private suspend fun fetch(): List<User> =
    skrape(HttpFetcher) {
        request {
            url = "<https://github.com/skrapeit/skrape.it/stargazers>"
full code here: https://github.com/skrapeit/skrape.it/blob/android-example/examples/android/app/src/main/java/it/skrape/skrapeitexample/MainActivity.kt whenever i call the fetch method i get a
which i assume is because my client call is blocking and thereby break the coroutine (maybe?) what can i do to run the blocking client in a background thread to avoid the NetworkOnMainThreadException in a jetpack-compose project?
the general recommendation is to make suspend functions like that "main safe" by using something like
for your
exactly what i just found here: https://developer.android.com/codelabs/kotlin-coroutines#7 ­čÖé but now my app is just dying with following in the logs
2021-05-28 23:51:20.556 4197-4197/it.skrape.skrapeitexample E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main
since i am new to android, how can i find out what is the problem here? the error message is not saying much
can you see full stack trace in logcat ?
i copied this from logcat. it only shows one line regsarding the exception. no stacktrace ­čś× I tested the fetcher code in a backend project and it works fine there.
I cloned your repo (and switched to
branch) and app seemed to work....at least was able to launch and click load users and this was displayed. At what point to you see it crash?
Whooot :D nice. This is exactly what it should do. Awesome. Whenever I click the load-users button the app is dying
Maybe something wrong with my local setup / emulator?
It's hard to tell without more detailed error info or repro
I'm running on emulator here fwiw
Sure. Ok, but that means generally the app code is working and I have to have a look at my local setup I would say. What emulator are u using (ddvice, sdk, android version)
Just tried on real device (Pixel 4a 5g) as well and worked on that too
also...using Arctic Fox beta 2 version of Android Studio
My Emulator was API level 29 and phone was 30
Strange I am using pixel 4 api level 30 emulator. OK I will try to find out what's going on with my emulator :) thx a lot for your your help ­čÖĆ
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