Madalin Valceleanu

03/18/2020, 8:20 AM
📚 Android Sample App using modular, clean, scalable, testable Architecture written in Kotlin that presents modern 2019 approach to Android application development, latest tech-stack and best practices. Application is based, apply and strictly complies with each of the following 5 points: • A single-activity architecture, using the Navigation component to manage fragment operations. • Android architecture components, part of Android Jetpack give to project a robust design, testable and maintainable. • Pattern Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) facilitating separation of development of the graphical user interface. • S.O.L.I.D design principles intended to make software designs more understandable, flexible and maintainable. • Modular app architecture allows being developed features in isolation, independently from other features. For more technical details please check the project readme. Project link:
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Ofir Bar

03/18/2020, 8:45 AM
There are superman, spiderman, and you... 😁
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