I wrote this about intents on Android with Kotlin....
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I wrote this about intents on Android with Kotlin. Feedback welcomed: https://twitter.com/pablisc0/status/908343823687962624
I got a little lost when reading. I'm more of a fan of showing the code and then explaining it. And I prefer larger code examples because reviewing each line then showing the example at the end makes it difficult to follow. Also personally, I learn better with analogies. I know it's, imo, mostly about generics I just had a difficult time understanding in what cases I would use this article for my own app. I'm pretty sure that most people reading will be unfamiliar/confused with extensions or Kotlin in general. It'd be helpful to see it geared more towards a dumber audience. Nice read tho. I think if it was a little easier to understand it'd make a great article to reference
Yeah, very true. I'm gonna write one about advanced concepts. It's hard to balance since I didn't want to bore people that is familiar with those concepts in every post I make, so will make one I can reference to.