09/14/2017, 2:47 PM
Hey all. I'm a intermediate Android developer, a couple of my own small apps. I want to learn Kotlin. Has anyone used the book Android Development with Kotlin? It's fairly new and I'm trying to decide between that and Kotlin in action.


09/27/2017, 3:09 PM
I've read Kotlin in Action and am most of the way through Android Development with Kotlin. IMHO Kotlin in Action is a better choice, especially if you're already familiar with Android. Kotlin in Action was more detailed and I really appreciated how they organized the book. Android Development with Kotlin felt like a quick run through of Kotlin and didn't offer much more than the official documentation most of the time. Although I will say, that reading Android Development with Kotlin after Kotlin in Action is helping me to solidify my knowledge. Though I've been feeling like I might've gotten more from just re-reading Kotlin in Action. Just my 2 cents.